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                                  CALLING ALL OF MY DAWGS!!

A few weeks ago I had the thought that there are kids in my community who could go without this Christmas due to how crazy this year was for everyone. I want to use this platform to make a maximum impact and help these families provide for their children. If we can make the day for even a few families then we’ve done our part to better this society.

I have always loved Hot Wheels and really think this would be a rad gift to give to kids in need. Although cheap, getting a new hot wheels to play with when I was young was just as cool as anything else and I know they can be just as important to kids today.

I reached out to @hotwheelsofficial with my idea and was rejected. They said they’ve “allocated all of their charity funds this year” which frankly is kind of lame considering they are a multinational corporation and we only requested a few hundred cars for a co-op sponsorship.

So, it is up to us my Dawgs!
I am uploading a video to the channel outlining the plan!!
We will be collecting Hot Wheels and funds for the next two weeks to distribute through our area to families in need!!

Thank you for riding with us this last year!! We are so grateful and just want to give back to the word that blesses us so frequently.

Merry Christmas y’all, happy holidays! Let’s spread some love!


Link To Donation Site!!!

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