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Auction Dawg is the culmination of years in auto culture and industry

The saga begins in 2008, Highschool sophmore autocad/engineering class. My group of friends would sit and talk cars long before any of us even had a cool one. Drifting was growing in Florida and so was a love for S Chassis Nissan's. Fast forward to my senior year, I've convinced my parents to roll with me to Tampa to purchase my first car. A 1993 Nissan 240sx hatch with a blacktop sr20det, Lexus pearl white paint, z brakes, a j30 vlsd and much more for $5,000 bucks. Extremely cheap in today's market. I still didn't even know how to drive manual at that point. My dad drove the car an hour home through some rain with no ac or heat or any functional way to stop the foggy windows. Also, there wasn't any traction control or modern safety features like an airbag which he loved. By the end of the trip Pop's back hurt and I was hooked for life. 

 I had that car for years, through multiple motors and what we call learning experiences. None of us even really knew what we were doing but we had fun. Owning this car really opened the door for me into everything automotive.


Eventually I needed a daily and bought my first e36 while I still had the 240sx. It was a black 1995 BMW 325I sedan.


I can't remember exactly what it was about BMW that drew me in. I have always loved the body lines of an e36, and they were cheap back then. I only had that car for close to 30 days before I was rear ended, and she was totaled.


Once I received some insurance money from the accident, I decided to let it rip and I bought my first M3. A 1998 Alpine White manual sedan for $5,000, I wish still I had pictures of it. Fast forward a few years, I purchased a 2005 BMW 330ci ZHP 6 speed coupe. It will always be one of my favorite cars I've ever owned. IT WAS MINT AND I REGRET SELLING IT EVERY DAY, but I sold it to buy my dream car.

I had always dreamt of owning an Estoril M3 coupe and when one came up for sale an hour south of me, I had to make it happen. I bought this car for $3,500 hardly running and drove it an hour home and she's been with me ever since. 

I have always flipped cars and parts through my time in the industry, so legitimizing the business was a natural progression. in 2019 I was at wits end with my sales position in HVAC. It was draining my soul to even go in everyday and I needed a change. I prayed, did my due diligence and somehow the stars aligned.


Auction Dawg was born from a love of anything automotive. I deeply enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the buy, and the eventual sale to someone who shares the same passion and love of machine. Too many dealers die selling transportation, Auction Dawg works to sell the dream.

It warms my cold icy heart when I connect cool cars with cool people. All I want to do with Auction Dawg is dig up automotive gold, save these cars from the sands of time and bring them back to market so others can own cars they dream of. I work hard to do this the right way and operate with integrity. The YouTube channel is a rolling documentary of my life as an auto dealer who started with basically nothing and no industry connections. I felt like it could be valuable to others who are considering a path similar to mine.


   Thank you to anyone who has supported the business and channel thus far, we are just warming up. 

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